Activating or linking your roku

Activating Or Linking Your Roku® Streaming Device

To activate the Roku streaming player or Roku TV, it is mandatory to link the device to the Roku Account. Roku Account is simply a database that contains all the information about your device. The information includes- detail of Roku® streaming device you own, channels you have installed. Moreover, your preferences and settings also get a store in Roku Account.

All the notifications related to Roku Account always sent to the Registered Email Address of user. Hence it is important for the user to link a valid mail address with the Roku Account. Not only Email is important but also the Password plays an important role. Hence while completing Roku Set Up user must choose a strong password for the Roku Account.

Points to take a look upon:

  • Creating a ROKU account is absolutely free
  • There is no additional charge for Roku Device Activation

Steps to follow for Activating your Roku device

  • Along with the Roku Device, you receive a Quick Start Guide; all you need to do is to follow instructions given in it.
    • In case you need any additional help while completing your Roku Device Set Up, you may log on to the Roku support site and visit the Setup and Troubleshooting section
  • Now you need to connect the Roku Device to internet
  • A new software will get download automatically after the device connects to the internet
  • After completion of software download, the Roku Device a link code will appear. For Example “XD12G”
  • Note down the Roku Device Link Code and then visit the website
    • Must remember that the URL must be copied exactly otherwise fraudulent websites will be accessed and you will not be able to complete the task.
  • Once you visit the website a dialog box asking for the code will display as

roku help support

  • Enter the code and then hit on Submit tab ‘
  • Follow the instructions on the website to create a Roku account or log in to an existing Roku account.
  • While creating the Roku Account you need to choose the payment method.
  • Payment method is important, as through this you will be able to buy subscriptions to popular channels, rent or purchase movies and TV shows, or buy other stuff from the Roku Channel Store
    • If you are adding a payment method that does not mean you will be charged or any deduction will be done in your account
    • If you purchase any channel, sign up for subscription, or adding a channel from the Roku Channel Store, you will be charged.
    • Most of the users use the credit card and PayPal to complete payments.
  • Once the whole activation procedure is completed, you will be able to use the Roku device.

If you face any problem while completing the above-given instructions then contact the Roku Support Executives by dialing the toll-free number i.e. +1-855-550-1955.

Important: You must complete ALL of the steps on the website before going back to your Roku device otherwise your Roku device will not be activated.